You cannot not UX

posted in blogs, 20.04.2015

Imagine two shops, in real life, both selling t-shirts.
Now, one shop has a beautiful branded logo. The shop windows tell you, in stylish typography, that this family-run shop sell shirts since 1892.

Do I Need a UX Designer?

posted in blogs, 03.04.2015

People often ask me if they need a UX... Uhm, who am I kidding?
The truth is that they often ask for 'a designer', which in most cases means that they need a visual or interface designer.

I love Susy!

posted in blogs, 21.03.2015

There, I've said it.
I first met Susy a couple of months ago and watched her from a distance, but there was no chemistry. Mind you, I did like her, but as I was seeing others, that's all there was, nothing more.