Howto make your UX Designer(s) Cry #1

First step:

Give them hope. Tell them you want a mobile first design.
You did some research (aka Googled) and you noticed that the number of mobile users is growing fast.
If they look happy, keep them that way. Ignore all remarks about how useful it is to start mobile first, in order to focus on the -primary- goal your website is built around.


Give them confidence. Let them know that they are the experts.
You believe that your project is in good hands. There are many obstacles to take, but you are sure that, together, you will cross these bridges.
After all (and here's a little friendly warning for the UX designers paying attention) you are a user yourself!

Go for the kill:

Don't give them a lot of time after that little hint about what is next to come.
Explain that you also read that users don't like to click and don't like to scroll. Show them the half-page banner your nephew created and the 30 pages of content and requirements of all 12 departments of your company.
Content which, of course, is all equally important to present to the users.


Leave the room, but don't close the door.
Just wait for that soft weeping sound...

Disclaimer: These tips are -loosely- based on situations my colleagues or me have been in. They do not per se resemble current projects I am working on.

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